Status Quo Killing Your Business

What is the current state of your business? Are you relying on past glories and successes?

Today’s marketplace is a lot like a flowing river, which is constantly changing direction and speed. It takes consistent monitoring and changing to keep your business “in the forefront of your customer’s mind; or you run the risk of standing on shore, watching your customers and revenue flow to your competition”, says, Dave “The Shef” Sheffield, businessman, motivational speaker, and coach.

Keep pressing forward:

We all enjoy reliving our past “glories and successes” and how we overcame the obstacles that stood in our way. Too many people continue to live on those past successes and “fail” to take action and move forward. Learn from your past successes and keep moving forward in your business by prospecting, selling, and marketing no matter what state your business is in.

Steve Jobs returns to Apple:

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company he had co-founded 12 years earlier and was forced out of, Apple was 90 days from bankruptcy. He made the tough decision to bury the hatchet and revive Apple by asking for $150 million cash infusion from long time rival, Bill Gates of Microsoft.

When it was announced that Apple would partner with their rival, Loyal Apple fans booed! Jobs realized that without the cash, Apple would not survive.

Next, he simplified Apple’s product offerings. They had a dozen versions of the Macintosh computer and offered a huge assortment of other products.

Jobs new slogan was “Think Differently”. He asked, “Which ones do I tell my friends to buy?” When he didn’t get a simplified response, he drew a grid on the white board and wrote in the top two spaces, “Consumer and Pro”, and on the sides, “Desk and Portable”. On this grid he listed only “4” Apple product offerings; a laptop and desktop for business, and a laptop and desktop for personal users. This action reduced Apple’s product offerings by 70%, cutting operation expenses in half, reduced the workforce by 3,000 people.

Steve Jobs decisive actions and tough shakeup paid off! Apple went from losing $1.04 billion the first fiscal year following Job’s return, to turning a profit of $309 million 12 months later, in 1998.

Steve Jobs 3- step plan for Apple:

1) Revive Apple by asking for $150 million cash infusion from long time rival, Bill Gates of Microsoft.

2) “Think Differently” Campaign: Streamlined Apples products from 15 to 4 products, reducing Apple’s product offerings by 70%.

3) Cutting operating expenses in half and reducing workforce by 3,000 people.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally:

Alan Mulally, the former president and CEO of Ford Motor Company and former CEO and President of Boeing (for 37 years) saved one of America’s iconic automobile companies by shaking up the status quo.

Ford hired Alan Mulally in 2006 as CEO of Ford to save the struggling car company from bankruptcy. The automobile industry in the United States was known for running on a “status quo” basis. Detroit and the auto industry were sinking in debt, living on their glory days when Detroit was America’s wealthiest city by continuing to use outdated tactics and beliefs.

Alan Mulally was an aerospace engineer who had no preconceived ideas of how Detroit operated. He saw the potential and tapped into the talents and resources at Ford that had been ignored by the insiders.

The fix was a 3-step plan.

Bryce Hoffman said, Mulally as CEO of Ford Motor Company did the following:

1. Streamlined their product line up just like Jobs had done at Apple and used the money he saved to give Ford’s remaining products Class-leading features and..styling.

2. He worked with suppliers and the United Auto Workers Union to create a winning environment for the both of them. The concessions from the union were necessary to keep the automobile production in the United States and to profitably produce the new vehicles.

3. Mulally relentlessly focused on team and culture. Ford shed its caustic careerist culture by showing the company’s executives how they could be more successful working together as a team than they could ever be as rivals. (Created his “One Team”: “One Ford” Mantra)

Mulally in a little over 3 years made Ford Motor Company profitable and they didn’t need the Government bailout!

Don’t let your business rely on past glories and successes. Keep pressing forward to change and improve your business. Just like Steve Jobs at Apple and Alan Mulally at Ford Automobile Company repaired their businesses with their three-step plan, so can you!

Blog Profits – How To Turn Your Blog Into A Home Business Money-Maker

Hundreds of thousands of new blogs are created every day, and many people who blog want to turn their blog into a profitable home business. Unfortunately many of those blogs are doomed because of a lack of planning. You can turn YOUR new blog into a money-maker. Just follow these five steps. Notice that you need to complete four of these steps before you start blogging, so follow the steps in the order in which they’re given. Here are the five steps to blog profits: 1. Decide what you’ll sell from your blog To generate profits, your blog must make sales. Nothing happens until you sell something, so choose a profit center first. You can choose: to sell advertising from your blog; to sell a product or many products; or to sell services – your own services, or those of others. Selling advertising is a common and successful method of generating profits. To sell advertising however, you need content – the more content on your blog, the better. So if you choose advertising sales as a profit center, be aware that although your profits may be slow in coming, they’ll constantly increase as long as you keep adding content. When you sell products from your blog, your profits will flow much more quickly. However, you do need to focus on sales, as well as on content. If you choose selling services, make a list of the services you and/ or others will be offering from the blog. 2. How will you get traffic? Do you have some startup capital? A couple of years ago you could rely on RSS almost completely to get traffic to your new blog. Those days however are long gone. Make a list of ways you’ll get traffic. If you have some startup capital, write down which methods of paid advertising you’ll use, and when. 3. Plan your content – this is vital Your next step is to plan your blog’s content. Don’t omit this step. Most bloggers stop blogging because they run out of things to say. So write down your topics, and make a list of five to ten blog post titles for each topic. Your topics will become categories on your blog. 4. Schedule content creation and marketing into your day If you want to turn your blog into a profitable home business, you’ll need to blog every day. When will you blog? Early in the morning, or late at night? Schedule at least an hour a day to work with your blog. During this time, you’ll create content, and will market the blog. Schedule the hour into your day, and keep to your schedule. 5. Review your progress Blogs grow organically. If your blog sells advertising, you’ll need to add more content than you will if you’re selling products or services from your blog. Use a statistics package on your blog (Google provides free Google Analytics), and review your statistics once a week. Your traffic will grow as your blog marketing methods start to work for you. Once you have traffic, it’s time to ensure that your traffic gives you a return on investment, so watch your traffic carefully, and assess whether you’re getting the profits you want from your home business. Good luck with your blog: by following the five steps we outlined above, you’ll be able to turn your blog into a home business money-maker.

Business Networking And Blog Courtesy-working On A Professional Link Campaign For Blog SEO

Business is all about networking, right? Plus, you likely know that you need to get some links to your website to build traffic. Since you’re a pro blogger, of course the first place you look for those much needed links is the blogosphere. However, some manners are in order when it comes to posting comments and linking to your blog from other blogs. It comes down to common courtesy. We’ve all heard the ‘golden rule’, right? Do unto others and all that jazz? The goal is for us to get a much needed backlink to our website, that’s true. But that’s not all we want. Spammy backlinks can be obtained pretty easily. There’s even software out there that will blast your links to a million different blog posts comment areas. But it’s not really what we want or need. I’ll tell you one reason why. Before even thinking about the other guy’s blog, and common courtesy, let’s consider your overall professional appearance. Think of your backlink campaign as one big press release for a minute. If you were blasting a press release to the major news networks today, you would want to present a super professional appearance right? You would want the world to see you as the undisputed expert in your field, professional, classy, the very best. Right? Then why would you use a different approach and spam your link across the blogosphere? Making you and your website (translate: your company) look cheesy and unprofessional? If you knew that was the way the world perceived you and your business, you probably would have thought twice about it before you used a link blaster and posted your link to a million spam blogs. The problem is that many businesses and many bloggers don’t think the internet is part of ‘the real world’. They don’t stop and think about the fact that their actions on the web can have the same negative impact that they would have in the real world when it comes to cheesy and sleezy promotion tactics. Nope, the internet is different in their eyes. They only know they need a bunch of links. It’s not important to them to build an overall web persona. PR is not a concern. But it should be. Because the web is no different than any other advertising medium. People are people, and if they read crappy comments that make you and your company look bad, they are not going to do business with you. Now, let’s also consider the other blogs out there and some basic manners. In the real world, that is the one that doesn’t have a keyboard attached to it, you need to have some etiquette when it comes to business networking, right? For example, if you are a member of the local rotary club, you don’t walk into the meeting each week shouting, “Make $5,000 every day using my secret methods”! Do you? No. You network. You shake everyone’s hand and say hello. You get into conversations and have intelligent discussions. You add something to the group as a whole. When asked, you give your expert advice and opinions and you build new relationships that turn into new client relationships. So why would you do it any differently online? When working on links from other blogs and other business communities, have the same manners you would if you were in that rotary club meeting. Be a contributing part of the conversation. Get involved and work on your professional appearance at the same time. Post relevant comments to the current discussion. Don’t interrupt like a thirty second commercial break, changing the topic so that you can promote your new product or service. Stay on topic and contribute something useful. It’s o.k. if you don’t agree with someone. Good debate can be good for business. Some people will agree with you and visit your site based on your professional opinions. But only if your argument is written professionally and with some class. Stay out of name calling sessions and stay away from labels. Don’t call anyone an idiot or a moron. In the end, you end up looking like one. Your comments are mini press releases. They are little road signs showing how professional you are. Or how unprofessional you are. Your public appearance is up to you. So have some courtesy when posting your comments. It will make the difference when it comes to how successful your linking campaigns are.

Understanding How An Adult Website Business Works

Looking for a well paying home-based business that can be launched on a small budget and one that requires less effort? If this sounds like you, then you owe it to yourself to look into a turnkey Adult Website Business. A turnkey business can be obtained at an affordable price with a very low monthly maintenance fee. Best of all, it’s a legitimate business that can obtain clients from across the globe and one that comes with plenty of options. You can sell anything from sex toys, lingerie, adult website memberships to time-based credits for live web cam sessions. You just need to decide which interests you most.

So how will a turnkey adult website allow you to run an adult business on a small budget and with less effort? The answer to this question is in the name itself. A turnkey business is designed to be an affordable alternative to operating your own business. It will come complete with a website, an e-commerce shopping cart, a domain name, managed web hosting, automated data updates and managed security. All of your technical requirements are completely setup and managed for you. If you select a good turnkey provider, you’ll not only receive these services but you’ll also receive a beautifully designed website which includes graphics, products, services and content all ready-to-go. With all this taken care of for you, you’ll have plenty of time to spend you efforts on marketing your business and on a part-time basis should you choose to do so.

Before you jump in, make sure you understand all of the options that are available to you so that you select the right business for you. There are two main types of Adult Website Business available to entrepreneurs. The first option is a dropship business. These are very popular because they mimic a retail operation. Most of us are very familiar with the retail model simply from working in retail or through day-to-day shopping experiences. With a dropship business, you’ll be selling tangible goods much like any retail operation would. The second option is an affiliate business. These are very different from a dropship business because they involve the sale of intangible items such as memberships or credits. Affiliate businesses are based on a commission structure; you generate interested traffic and receive a commission for any sales resulting from your efforts.

And finally, you can also pair any of your businesses with a sex blog. Blogs are an excellent way of reaching out and obtaining interested traffic whether you run a dropship or affiliate business. They also have an excellent ability to generate income of their own through ads and referrals. If you have the time to make a couple of posts of a week, you can further the earning potential of your Adult Website Business! Just like your turnkey business, your blog is a part-time activity that you engage in when you have some spare time.

Turnkey adult websites are an excellent low-cost, low-risk alternative to owning your own business. If you’re willing to put some of your spare time into marketing your business, you’re ready to get started.

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5 Reasons To Blog

Blogging has been a craze nowadays. I’ve been hearing about it and it made me wonder what benefits one can get in blogging. So I started searching the net and I have found a number of reasons why one should blog.

First, in blogging YOU CAN BE YOURSELF. It’s like an online diary where you can write anything about your self, your experiences, your thoughts and feelings at the moment. It is where you can create you own online identity. People reading your blogs will learn things about you, how you see and deal with things and with the circumstances you’ve gone through. It will be like, for your readers, reading a biography.

Second, YOU CAN BE HEARD. More people will have a chance to read your thoughts, and your perceptions on things through blogging. Your audience will not be limited only to the people around you, or the people you know personally. Your audience will be the whole world. Since blogging is a medium for self-expression, in doing so, you let others hear your own distinct voice. And all they can do is comment. They can’t stop you from letting out everything you feel in your own blog, right?

The third reason is YOU CAN LEARN. You learn a lot of things when you blog. You learn not just the ways on how to deliver your thoughts and your way of writing. It doesn’t just strengthens your writing skills. You will also learn what others think about the topic you planned to tackle. You will learn other people’s point of view by reading and researching. This would broaden your knowledge and widen your perspectives.

Fourth, YOU MEET PEOPLE AND CREATE FRIENDSHIP. Blog allows you to create a conversation with other people who are also knowledgeable about the topic. You’ll meet people who you can share or exchange ideas with, and might eventually lead to friendship. In this way, you can engage in a discussion with other bloggers. You become a part of a community.

Last but not the least, IT CREATES TRAFFIC. If you do business online, creating blogs will be a great way to create traffic. The more traffic means more potential customers. The more customers means more revenue. Nowadays that Internet usage is the IN thing, having more blogs about your business would help great deal to your business.

Blogging is indeed a helpful tool to express oneself. One great thing about this is it’s free. So blog as much as you can. There’s nothing to lose, only more things to gain.

How Business Processing Outsourcing Helps Reduce Overhead Costs

A lot of companies, services and other types of businesses rely upon business process outsourcing to facilitate a cost effective means to an end. The key goal of a business processing outsourcing services provider is to adequately meet the needs of their clients while helping them maintain the same quality of service that their clients have grown to expect, while at the same time reducing the overhead costs associated with providing such key business prospects. If you have ever wondered how business process outsourcing helps to lower overhead costs for any given business, make sure to read this article to gain some insight on the matter.

What is Business Processing Outsourcing?
In a nutshell, business process outsourcing is a means of outsourcing the same tedious business processes that are typically conducted in-house to an outsourcing partner – generally overseas – for a reduced cost. This type of outsourcing is supposed to lower operating costs of any entity while not compromising on quality or service. One must exercise caution when seeking a services provider to ensure that quality never suffers in place of lower operation costs at the risk of losing customer loyalty.

Is Business Processing Outsourcing Expensive?
The short answer is: NO. The primary reason why companies rely upon business process outsourcing is to lower their overhead expenditures. At the same time, one must always ensure that they are not reducing quality by reducing operating costs. That’s why it’s crucial to conduct due diligence on any such provider beforehand.

Comparing Costs of Business Process Outsourcing to In-House Costs
Will using such viable and affordable services be more affordable than the in-house and domestic services you rely upon? The answer is: yes and yes. Since outsourcing services rely upon international partners that exist in a setting that has a lower cost per living average, the services are far more affordable, but that does not mean you compromise on quality to get them.

Is Business Processing Outsourcing Better Domestic or International?
An easy answer to this question is that you want to opt for a services provider that has multinational presence. In this manner, they can meet and exceed your expectations. It is ill advised to just go with any international provider. Ensure they have a domestic and an international presence for the best results.

How Business Processing Outsourcing Helps Reduce Overhead Costs
The math is rather simple here. Say you are spending X amount on your business processes already. Now let’s say that you can spend a fraction of X amount on the same business processes with the same or better quality when they are outsourced. The quick question you should ask yourself is: do you want to continue overpaying for the very same thing that you could be getting for a fraction of the price? In every instance, the answer is that businesses can and will do what they need to save money while delivering the same quality.

Coaching: How Can Someone Start A Blog For A Coaching Business?

There are number of ways for someone to promote themselves in today’s world, and one way they can do this is through having their own blog. This will also make it easier for other people to get a deeper understanding of what they have to offer.

If someone doesn’t have their own blog, they can still connect with others; however, it could be said that they won’t be doing as much as they could be doing. When someone has a blog, it can also make it easier for people to find them.

Search Engines

The reason for this is that when they write about something and share it on a blog, other people can find it on a search engine. One way of looking at it would be to say that it can open them up to people who might not have found them otherwise.

This can be somewhere where someone can talk about their own coaching business, and they can also share their own views and insights. But as long as it relates to their business, it will be another way for people to connect to them.

The Next Step

However, even though someone may want to start a blog, they might not know where to start. And it could be said that this is normal; especially as there is so much information available in today’s world.

Having more of something can seem better than having less; but at the same time, it can just create confusion. This can then strop someone from being able to make a decision, and this can then lead to inaction, or what is often described as ‘procrastination’.

What I Did

With that in mind, what I can do is share my experience with you and this may make it easier for you to create your own blog. In the beginning, I only had a website, and while I did think about having a blog, I had no idea what to write about.

For one thing, I hadn’t really written anything before and while I read other peoples work, I wasn’t sure if I was capable of writing anything. And even I did, I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually read it.

Starting a Blog

However, when I wrote my first article, I ended up putting it on the site I already had. The site I was using was called weebly, and this is a website creator that is relatively easy to use.

I created a new page and uploaded the first article that I had written, and I then shared this with a few friends. At this time, I was aware that there were a number of ways that I could start a blog, and one site that I was also aware of was WordPress.

One Place

As so many people I knew had used it and it seemed to be a popular site among other people, I was tempted to use it. But as I already had a site that I was using, I thought it would be a good idea to stick with what I had.

I knew how to use the site I was using and if I was to use another, I would have to start all over again. So my advice would be for someone to go with what works for them.


As I said above, in the beginning I only shared what I had written with friends on social media and through email, and then as time passed, I shared my articles on different article sites. Through doing this, it allowed me to share my articles with people who would be looking for what I had to offer.

And as time went by, people started to find my work through using search engines. It also occurred to me that I should create a group on social media to share what I write, as this would be somewhere where people could stay up to date.

Email Subscription

After having written articles for a few years, I came to see that it would be a good idea for me to collect email addresses. Through doing this, it would give me another way to keep people up to date with what I was doing.

This was something I did by giving people the option to sign up to my newsletter at the end of each article and on the side of the blog. And not only can I share what I have written with them, I can also keep them informed about the rest of my work.


But if someone doesn’t want to write a blog, they can also create short videos instead. This is something I have thought about, but I would prefer to write at this time and to create videos where I talk about other things.

Therefore, it is not a case of doing one thing or other; as it is possible to do both things. I would say the main thing is that you take the first step and create a blog, and as you move forward, you will pick up what you need along the way.

And if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask someone who is doing what you want to be doing. There is a strong chance that they will be only too happy to help, but if they don’t, simply ask someone else.

Top 10 Reasons To Use Blog Marketing To Grow Your Business

Blog is the most popular thing in the web market. Many small entrepreneurs make use of blogs for promoting their business. Blog is usually considered to be the first step of getting into the internet business. Many small entrepreneurs earn huge money from their blogs. Let us learn the top 10 reasons to use blog marketing for promoting your internet business.

1. Cheap or Free way of Marketing

Many blog hosting services are free. At the most they are cheap. Blog is a good way of promoting your website as well as products. It is the most cost-effective option of internet business. Blogs are informative and directly interact with the viewers. Therefore, blogs give authenticity to the web business. Blogs help in creating brand name for any internet business. No wonder this reason tops our list of top 10 reasons to use blog marketing

2. Brilliant platform to create a wide network

All kinds of internet businesses need to maintain interactions and network with other corporations and consumers. However, remaining in touch with all of them is not possible. Therefore, maintaining a blog that is updated regularly will come in as handy. Blogs can reach thousands of targeted readers at any time in any place.

3. Superior company presence

Blog marketing increases visibility of your internet business or brand. Whenever anyone is looking out for a particular product or service, your brand will come first in their mind. Other than this, if you have a blog that it is attached to your main website then it can contain links to other pages of your website. On the other hand, a non-attached blog is directly linked to the site. When you get familiar with blogging you can also exchange links with other high PR blogs for getting good search engine results and quality traffic.

4. Enhanced product or service popularity

Blog marketing give popularity to your products. People trust blogs more easily than they trust your website. Blogs can be the main window for educating consumers or clients about your products or services in a very effective manner. You can also add interactive features to your blog for making it more user-friendly and thus, enhancing your credibility.

If you don’t have the time for maintaining such a blog then hiring bloggers for this purpose will prove to be highly beneficial. These bloggers who have a good professional experience can give engaging and proper information of your products and services.

5. Ameliorated brand or company name

Blog marketing accelerates personal interactions with the consumers. The tone and style of the blog articles and the blog introduces as well as forms a connection between you and the consumers. This makes them get closer to you and gain an in-depth understanding of the kind of products that you sell or the services that you offer. A regularly updated blog builds a strong relationship with the consumers. The relationship gets even stronger if the comments are answered regularly.

6. Increased consumer communication and bonding

One of the main reasons to use the blog marketing is to know your consumer opinions, likes and dislikes through comment feature. If your products or services need improvement of any kind then you will not have to conduct any survey or research; you will come to know it directly through your comments section. Other than complaints, you can get compliments as well.

7. Pulling heaving heavy relevant traffic

Blogs always increase your website, product, internet business or any business popularity if the links are placed in the blog posts. Of course, for getting traffic quality posts are a must. But the traffic that is sent from your blog is usually convertible. Blogs actually sell products and that is why many companies hire bloggers for selling their products.

8. Viral effect through mouth publicity

When people read about your product, if you are able to convince through your blog posts; you will get free publicity when they tell their friends. So, this viral effect will increase your sales. Word of mouth marketing is very effective and you can capture this market with the help of your blog. If you share personal experiences with the readers, you can create affinity between your readers and you, and this affinity will help you to increase the sales of your product.

9. Improving the search engine presence of your site

A very well search engine optimized blog that is attached to your website adds to the search engine presence of your site. Content containing quality information and specific keywords will give your internet business or website an extra edge. You must make use of appropriate tools to spot specific keywords for including in your blog posts. Your blog title and posts both must contain the main keyword.

10. High rate of viewers converting into buyers

Blogs that contain specific or targeted keywords and have engaging informative content provide traffic that ends up buying your products or services. Search engine optimized blogs provide traffic or readers who are looking out for specific products or services. If the content or blog posts are able to build relations with the readers such readers are easily converted into buyers.